“The vision is to design a fully sustainable ecosystem for consumption of garments that works much in the same way that we consume food. "



Streamateria is not merely a new service – it is a new perspective. A perspective made possible through closed circuits for design, materials and waste as well as – and maybe most importantly - through a circular business model where waste no longer exists. It is just considered raw material for new resources.

By adding transience - design to die - to fashion design, Streamateria redefines consumption, quality, ownership, performance in garments and the relevance of fashion.

This evolution has already happened to music and movies and is now about to happen to physical material.

These clothes would not require repeatable washing nor transportation, storage of sizes, mark down or the inevitable burning or landfill.

There is just one catch – they wouldn’t last.

To make this happen we have to start in the end of the value chain.

The waste. We need to completely erase the word waste from the equation and replace it with the word nutrition.

In a circular system, there is no waste. There is only raw material for new resources.

No good things last forever