“The vision is to design a fully sustainable ecosystem for consumption of garments that works much in the same way that we consume food. "



• We design compostable fashion garments with a short lifespan. Our goal is to create a circular, zero waste clothing experience that allows us to express ourselves in our appearance without guilt.

• We develop skins for avatars in games and other virtual platforms. Our goal is to explore and develop a clothing experience that seamlessly transforms between the physical and the virtual world.

Streamateria is not merely a new service - it is a new perspective. A perspective made possible through closed loops for design, materials and waste as well as through a circular business model where waste no longer exists. It has become raw material for new resources.

By adding transience. design to die - to fashion design. Streamateria redefines consumption, quality, ownership, performance in garments and the actual relevance of fashion itself.

This evolution has already happened in other parts of the experience industry such as music and movies.

Our products would not require repeatable washing nor transportation, storage of sizes, mark down or the inevitable burning or landfill.

There is just one catch - they wouldn't last.

To make this happen we have to start in the end of the value chain. The waste.

We need to completely erase the word waste from the equation and replace it with the word nutrition.

Streamateria started as a radical vision by Erik Lindvall and Alexander Wolfe at Guringo Design Studio in 2014.