Streamateria is the quintessence of fast fashion –buy what you want, when you want to wear it. "


Streamateria is a new infrastructure for the fashion industry based on circularity, total transparency and zero tolerance for waste.

 An intermediary platform that link renewable and sustainable materials with fashion brands across the world, offering an early opportunity to give a competitive advantage for designers and brands who support circular processes. A matchmaking platform where brands and designers can find the renewable material that suits their product and their specific requirements.

Then, in addition to offering a world of designed-to-die fashion to the end consumer, Streamateria acts as an intermediary connecting the brand's needs for renewable raw materials and circular processes with innovative material manufacturers and industry.


 Streamateria is based on materials such as cellulose that are biodegradable and with similar or enhanced drape, printability, texture and design as of today. But the material will stay in a closed material loops, restricted by time.  Just like food. Design that you can experience over and over, but never own.

The Streamateria service is based on six basic design principles. Within these principles, there are unlimited possibilities to embrace the forces of consumption and create garments that stays intact for only an hour or that last for a hundred years.

The Streamateria infrastructure aims to set the standards for the whole production chain, from growing the resources, via designing and printing to destruction and closing the loop.

The bold ambition of the digital Streamateria service is to temporarily turn bits into atoms and for the first time ever a stream of physical objects.


No good things last forever