"Streamateria garments are constructed out of a printed mesh-structure that is then coated with a bioplastic thus creating a textile like garment"

The material is made much like how a leaf is created - with its vein-like structure deciding the shape and a membrane tissue to complete it.
It is made out of 3D printed PLA and then coated with a tissue of foamed cellulose fibers and bioplastic.
The bioplastic contains of alcohol, fat and residual currents from the food industry.
The dying process is based on compostable colors such as coal pigment and carmine red (red carmine lice from leaf).

             “It is actually pretty simple. You wear your garments whenever you want to wear them and once you’re done with them you just put them in the food compost to become energy, not waste.” – Erik Lindvall, co-founder "

The material is designed to die from the beginning, a perspective inspired by the ecosystem in the forest where there are no waste, only raw material for new resources.
The Streamateria material has almost the same biogas potential as food, and can therefore be implemented straight into the household food compost ecosystem.

             “we are exploring the possibilities to creat thermoregulating biofunctions that cools the runner "

We are exploring how to implement bio functions such as thermoregulating, skin treating and adding nutrition and minerals via the garments.

Since the garments contains components that absorbs water, the garment can cool the wearer.



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