Streamateria is a digital service and a textile like material that is compostable with a short lifespan that can be experienced rather than owned.


The Streamateria vision is to create clothes that can be temporarily produced and manufactured and that deteriorates after usage. The idea is inspired by how the forest and our nature works as circular systems.

This is made possible through a circular production chain with zero tolerance to waste. Streamateria materials are constructed out of a printed mesh-structure, which is coated with a bioplastic, creating a textile-like garment.


“It is actually pretty simple. You wear your garments whenever you want to wear them and once you’re done with them you just put them in the food compost to become energy, not waste.” – Erik Lindvall, co-founder Streamateria


Streamateria started as a radical vision by Erik Lindvall and Alexander Wolfe at Guringo Design Studio in 2014. Streamateria is now it´s own viable ecosystem that consists of several projects in such a variety of disciplines as art, industrial innovation, fashion and law.

We link sustainable material with the fashion brands of the future.


No good things last forever