If you accept that quality can be the definition of an experience rather than a permanent state, then new values can be found. Values made possible by the temporary, or unstable state of the physical object.

Constructed with a 3D printed mesh of compostable, flexible filament the clothes can be shaped and draped in almost any fashion and personalized look you want.

A tissue of foamed cellulose covers the mesh and completes the clothes. The design possibilities are almost unlimited. Either download  the design or create a new one. Color, shape, print and material is up to the designer and the end consumer. 

The Streamateria infrastructure aims to set the standards for the whole production chain, from growing the resources, via designing and printing to destruction and closing the loop.

Until present the manufacturing of the garments has been made without automatization. The manufacturing methods have been developed by the Streamateria crew in a specially designed laboratory. We have always had the perspective on quality as beeing an experience rather than a permanent state. New, temporary values have been revealed, making the vision of streamed, physical objects possible.

The automatization of the production chain is now about to begin.  

No good things last forever