• The non woven - a  material solution that is designed to die from the beginning, becoming new raw material, not waste. A material with a potential of many different applications ranging from fashion garments to industrial disposables.
  • A completely compostable fabric based on a cellulose non woven from the paper mill strong enough to follow traditional patterns and to be stitched and support zippers. And very comfortable too according to the model!
  • • The mesh -  constructed with a 3D printed mesh of compostable, flexible filament the clothes can be shaped and draped in almost any fashion and personalized look you want. 
  • A tissue of foamed cellulose and bioplastic covers the mesh and completes the clothes. The design possibilities are almost unlimited. Either download  the design or create a new one. Color, shape, print and material is up to the designer and the end consumer. 
  • • The yarns - cellulose yarns treated with our agent. Smooth and strong with a touch of a synthetic handfeel and look although completely compostable full of nutrition for the eco system.

The Streamateria infrastructure aims to set the standards for the whole production chain, from growing the resources, via designing and printing to destruction and closing the loop.


A limited edition of a garment will be launched in 2018. If you want the chance to experience it first hand, sign up here.

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