STREAMATERIA is a multi disciplinary art project that started as a radical vision by Guringo Design Studio in 2014. A manifest published in FORM magazine formed the core thesis of the vision and is still in many ways mapping up the preferences for the project.

Streamateria is now it´s own viable ecosystem that consists of several projects in such a variety of disciplines as art, industrial innovation, fashion and law.

STREAMATERIA is an art installation and not reality. Yet. What you see here is a vision that will give you the upper hand on what the future has to bring. The vision is the heart of an ongoing project that is developed and produced by Guringo Design Studio In collaboration with Kulturbryggan, Swedavia, Holmen, Ragn-Sells, Ibeyostudio and Sigtuna Museum & Art.

Guringo Design Studio in 2016

No good things last forever